Mushinto Chaga Tincture

Mushinto Chaga Tincture

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We proudly present our new extracts!

From end to to end, produced and extracted by Mondo Mycologicals in the Netherlands. Full spectrum double extracts.

The Chaga mushroom (Inonotus obliquus) grows predominantly in cold Taiga forests, along the northern latitudes of Russia, Scandinavia and Canada. 

In western Siberia, Chaga has been medically used at least since the 13th century, primarily to fight infections. It has now become a known superfood.

This mushroom sustains itself through a complicated symbiotic relationship with the birch tree. When it loses branches or suffers damage from storms, the Chaga mushroom grows over the tree's wound to serve as a protective scar. The birch tree can continue living for many years while mounds of Chaga fungus adorn its trunk.

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